About Us

Oak Cliff Earth Day is an annual community event celebrating nature, the environment, and the majesty of our planet.

The first Earth Day, held in 1970, was committed to bringing awareness to environmental issues, to show support for environmental protection, and to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. Each year the Oak Cliff community comes together to welcome everyone to join in observing this global movement.

Oak Cliff Earth Day was established in 2007 by a group of Oak Cliff volunteers. What began as a small celebration has grown each year to what it is today.

In January of 2015, Oak Cliff Earth Day was named the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce’s “Event of the Year” for 2014. Oak Cliff Earth Day continues to be a volunteer run event held each April in the heart of Oak Cliff at Lake Cliff Park.

Memnosyne Institute

The mission of the Memnosyne Institute is to help the diverse people of the world consciously encourage an evolution for themselves and for future generations by providing humanity with the means to encourage positive, peaceful global collaboration in seven main areas of knowledge:

  • Environment/Science/Economics/Technology
  • Art
  • Interfaith Inquiry/Initiatives
  • Indigenous Cultures
  • Spirituality
  • Heath & Medicine
  • Local/Global Outreach.

“We believe that for solutions to be sustainable we must recognize how each of these areas influence the others in a given society and to design the solutions with that understanding so as to maximize our impact.”